A ‘welcome to the new website’ giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway has now closed, and the winners have been contacted.
Keep an eye on the blog for future giveaways!

Last year I took Science On A Postcard to New Scientist Live in London. It was an incredible experience, and as well as meeting lots of you (thank you so much for stopping by!), I also met lots of fellow business owners. That leads me to this giveaway – I got chatting with Clare Jones from MAINTENANT Sustaining Now, and we decided to do a giveaway together.
MAINTENANT Sustaining Now is an award-winning social enterprise providing high quality training and support on issues of sustainability and the climate crisis in order to bring about positive change and ensure the best possible future for generations to come.

We’ve both been pretty busy since October, but here’s the giveaway…

Today, we are giving away two of Maintenant’s Diversity Deck educational card games – the ‘Earth’s spheres’ deck, and the ‘Bacteria my friends’ deck. Each deck centres around sustainability and aims to sensitise individuals to its importance, whilst also providing valuable insights into what we can do both collectively and individually, to make a real difference, now and in the future.

Many classic card games like Crazy Eights or Black Jack can be played with each Diversity Deck. Each game varies in difficulty, so there really is a game for everyone! Our two special cards, Calamity and Parry, add even more fun and strategic problem solving to the games. With instructions for 9 games (suitable for between 1 and 5 players, for ages 4 and up) included with each of the decks, there is something for everyone here.

This giveaway will have two winners – each winning one of the Diversity Decks, and one pin badge of their choice from the Science On A Postcard shop.

To enter:
– Leave a comment on this post telling me which of the decks you would like to win and why, and also include a method of contacting you (Instagram, email or Twitter)

Terms and conditions:
– Enter as many times as you like, each new comment counts as one entry
– Open worldwide
– Giveaway ends on Friday 15th May 2020 at 8pm BST
– Winners will be picked at random and notified within 2 days of the giveaway ending – if the winners do not respond to attempts to contact them within 3 days of notification, a new winner will be drawn at random

Disclaimer: MAINTENANT Sustaining Now sent these items to me on the understanding that I would feature in a giveaway, no payment has been exchanged.

14 thoughts on “A ‘welcome to the new website’ giveaway!”

  1. I’d love the bacteria and me set! I’m a second year biochemist and love me some microbes. I’ve loved your badges for ages, and honestly cried when my mum bought me a ‘Biochemist’ one for my first day of uni! My insta is @meeli.aaa xxx

  2. The bacteria set looks cool, but the Earth Spheres set would be my pick! I’m an environmental scientist so I think they would be the perfect complement to my office – when I can return. I’d love one of the badges too! My Instagram is @snaphappyscientist

    1. I’d go for the bacteria set as it would be brilliant to play with some of my fellow Biologists when lockdown ends! You can contact me on my Insta : @hey.its.gemma.here Congratulations on the new website! 🙂

  3. I would love the bacteria set because I am a second year PhD student and my field of study is Microbiology and Cell Science. I love your pins and also talking about my project of Strpetococcus mutans and why they are important in our everyday life! My IG is @itz_ke

  4. Grainne Hayes

    Oooh, a difficult choice. My two nephews aged 6 and 8 are scientists in the making. They love astronomy, anatomy, physics and chemistry table top experiments, and have been fortunate enough to attend summer school at the Imperial College in London. I think the Earth Spheres set would be ideal then I can get them the bacteria one at Christmas!

  5. Viktoria Frank

    😍😍 I want to have the bacteria one because I am a biotechnologist, but my work is something different than biology and lab. So I would have something wird biology and bacteria on my working place 😬😬
    my ig vika_fra

  6. Bacteria set! Because biology was my worst subject, I barely passed it haha. When I play the cards with my friends–we are all software engineers–someday I’ll tell them that embarrasing experience that lead me to IT field instead continuing Biology. Oh, I’d like to have Science Communicator pin, because I am learning to be one. I am a fan of you, Heidi. Thank you. My IG is ikavihara.

  7. The Earth’s spheres one is definitely my favourite! I’m a second year geology undergrad at Imperial College London and I’m obsessed with everything science related. These are so cool 🙂 and I would be so happy with any pin! I’m a frequent buyer and my absolute favourites are the Geologist and Palaeontologist pins.
    my insta is @london_geologist.

  8. Would love to win the spheres pack – sort of mixes together physics and chem and bio (and also hah I just love planets!). You can find me at @missneutrino on Twitter!

  9. Both sets are beautiful but I think Earth just wins out for me. Probably end up buying both at some point.

    1. I’m starting my NQT year as a science teacher in September, these would be fantastic as a form activity. I’m trying to build up a corner of science goodies. Got quite a few popular science books this would complement them well.

      I can be contacted on Twitter @CarterRudi

  10. I love love love the bacteria set. During lockdown me and my flatmates have been playing loads of card games to stay sane, and a new addition would jazz it up!
    One flatmate studies microbiology, so this game would be a fab way to learn about all the lil bacteria she raves about (and gets us to proof read essays on!). 🦠
    My IG is @francesmcoo

  11. This is amazing. They both look so cool! The bacteria set is my fave though. I’ve returned to education at the ripe young age of 27 and am about to start my biomedical science degree. It’s taken a lot to get here, I’ve had to work my butt off with a learning disability and with a toddler running around but knowing that I can eventually specialise in infection sciences which is my ultimate dream is totally worth it! Congrats on the new website! My insta is @anatomyofaclumsymum 🖤

  12. Emilia De Luca

    I’d like the earth’s spheres set. I’m an engineering student but I also have an interest in space and physics, and in sustainability, so this set would be great! I’m trying to get back into doing STEM outreach work, and these would be really helpful!

    My twitter is @emiliadeluca5

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