2 thoughts on “Guest writer: How the words we use affect diversity in STEM by Nia John”

  1. Miss R M Moone

    An interesting and well written article..shows how language can make all the difference ..simple but so important if we are serious about encouraging our young women into STEM. Coincidentally i read an article two days ago that demonstrated what you have been saying. A sewerage firm that wanted more diversity in it’s workforce got little response from female jobseekers. When the job description was rewritten in a more gender neutral language they had a far higher female response . ….confirming all you have said.

  2. I completely agree. Writers control the narrative, be it putting Dennis Haybert as a black president into 24 a few years before the reality, be it Captain Janeway showing young girls that they too can be a starship captain, or in the words science correspondents use in their news stories.

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