About Us

Where We Started

Science On A Postcard started because someone told me I didn’t look like a scientist. After I finished rolling my eyes, I decided to do something to chip away at that point of view. I started the business to create cute and colourful products that would signal not only that I was a scientist, but that the vast majority of scientists don’t look like Einstein.
These products have now made their way all over the world, and are sparking conversations about science as we speak.

Our Journey

Science On A Postcard started in 2017, with two postcard designs and an Instagram account.

Today there are over 100 different products for sale; you can buy enamel badges, lanyards, tote bags, notebooks and lots more science goodies. These products have been supporting fabulous causes, scientists and science enthusiasts all over the world.

Science On A Postcard exists to demonstrate that scientists are people just like everyone else. We are a diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds, beliefs and genders, and the diversity in our characteristics only serves to improve the science that we do 💛 

Our Story

Who We Are

Dr Heidi Gardner


I’m Heidi and I’m the person behind Science On A Postcard.
I design all of our products, with the aim of creating something that helps spark conversations about science. I’m also a researcher at the University of Aberdeen, UK, where I’m busy trying to figure out how to make clinical trials more efficient.

Barney, a wire terrier cross, fast asleep.

Mr Barney Gardner-Bunce

Office and Admin Support

This is Barney, my side-kick and office support assistant.
He likes to sleep, but he’s also an integral part of boosting morale at Science On A Postcard. He joined us at the beginning of 2020 as a rescue from the Dog’s Trust, and within a few weeks he was acting like he’d lived here his whole life!

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