What if learning and fun could go hand in hand? Science on a PostCard is a resource for parents and children for exciting, fun, and knowledgeable science experiments and challenges. This is the place where you’ll find interesting ideas for your school projects and learning activities. 

Designed for all ages, these experiments and challenges cover basic scientific concepts from multiple fields. These cool science experiments are perfect for children interested in the sciences and are always curious about what stuff is made of and how things happen. 

What Science on a PostCard Offers?

Science on a PostCard is a blog that offers interesting science projects for kids covering different subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. There are project ideas children can conduct for school or science fairs. 

These projects are designed to make learning easy and interactive, so children can develop an interest in the sciences organically. All experiments and projects are age-appropriate with proper age guidelines. There are even projects for preschool kids to try. 

Aside from fun projects for school, parents and kids can learn a great deal from Science on a PostCard blog. You can discover fun facts about the things around you. And all the information is backed by research. 

The experiments are carefully categorized by school years, subjects, ingredients, holidays, etc. 

Science Fair Projects: These science projects for kids are designed to be very hands-on. There is plenty of variety, so your kid can choose something they are interested in. 

Preschool Science: These projects are safe for preschool children and focus more on fun activities. From baking soda potions to messy slime projects, preschoolers would love doing these experiments with parents, teachers, and peers. 

Holiday Projects: These are fun science projects designed for holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Spring break, summer vacations, etc. Children can spend their free time performing experiments that extend their knowledge and allow them to have fun simultaneously. 

STEM Challenges: These are more advanced challenges/projects that kids in elementary and middle schools can take. Based on the STEM curriculum taught in school, these challenges target critical thinking skills and tap into their existing knowledge of fundamental science concepts. These are great for children who want to plan to pursue sciences when they go to college. 

Answering Questions, Satisfying Curiosity

If your little one asks many questions about things and processes around them, you have a curious one. But you may find yourself without an answer from time to time, and that is where Science on a PostCard comes in. The science facts and knowledge blogs can answer many of the questions children often have, like ‘why is the sky blue’ or ‘how does the internet work.’ 

Unlike encyclopedias and other sources on the internet, Science on a PostCard simplifies things so you and your children can understand concepts. These informational blogs can also be a good bedtime story alternative. Don’t be surprised if your child has even more follow-up questions in the morning!

Making It Easier for Parents

We know how difficult it can be for parents to manage work and raise children. And we realize the importance of participating with children in their homework and school projects. Science on a PostCard makes your life easier when it comes to helping your children with school science projects. It also provides fun free time activities that parents and children can bond over. 

You don’t have to search all over the Internet to look for fun science projects. You can find them all in one place, curated according to age, subject, and interest.