Book Club

I’ve been thinking of ways that we can connect better, get to know each other, and build a community around Science On A Postcard, and came up with the idea of a Book Club. I posted about it on Instagram and got lots of positive feedback (thank you!), so let’s get this thing going 🙂

How it works
Each book club will have a theme – I chose a theme for the first book club, but going forward you’ll have the chance to vote for the theme. Once the theme is decided, we’ll choose from a group of books that all fit that theme. All polls will be listed here, and I’ll announce them on Science On A Postcard social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) so that you know when there’s a new poll ready for you to vote on.
Once the book has been chosen, we have roughly 6 weeks to read it, and then we’ll meet up on Zoom to talk about the book. Each Zoom meeting is limited to 10 attendees, so I will be doing a few different slots to ensure that everyone who wants to take part, can.

Please register for a Zoom session using the Eventbrite links listed below, if you have registered and then realise you can no longer attend, please remember to cancel your booking so that someone else is able to attend in your place.

If you would like to take part, but are unable to afford the cost of the book, and cannot access a copy from your local library, please let me know. The Science On A Postcard Book Club is completely free to take part in, and I will do my best to ensure that finances are not a barrier for you.

Book Clubs:

Chemistry by Weike Wang
When: The week of Monday 9th November 2020
Click here to book a discussion session

Books we’ve read for past book clubs:

Superior: The return of race science by Angela Saini
When: The week of Monday 14th September 2020

Is science racist? by Jonathan Marks
When: The week of Monday 7th September 2020