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Currently the Science On A Postcard Etsy shop is running as normal. I am using Royal Mail click and drop to buy postage online, and then popping all of the orders in my local postbox on my daily walk to make sure I am minimising social contact as far as possible. Currently, Royal Mail remains open for business as usual, though they are understandably experiencing some delays as a result of staff shortages due to sickness and/or isolation.
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‘Self Care Is Not Selfish’ soft enamel lapel pin.
Pin badge measures approximately 34mm in width, and has 2 deluxe backings to ensure that it stays wherever you choose to pin it.
Comes with ‘Science On A Postcard’ backing.

**This product is part of a collaboration with PhD Balance. £1 from the sale of every pin will go straight to supporting the work of PhD Balance. PhD Balance (https://www.phdbalance.com/ is a mental health advocacy resource for graduate students and PhD researchers to communicate about any and all mental health issues that they may face.**

PhD Balance founder Susanna Harris explains her passion for this project: “When the Nature Biotech article showed nearly 40% of graduate students struggle with anxiety or depression, I felt a sense of belonging. A year before, I was in a deep depression, and this paper made me feel less alone. But I couldn’t name 5, let alone 50, students in my cohort that might be struggling. There was a disparity between the public faces in our universities and the underlying stories.

PhD Balance aims to increase visibility of those who have struggled with mental health issues, from students to postdocs, future PhDs to those who have long-since graduated. Many of us deal with these problems, and we must support our community by breaking the stigma around mental illness. Academia would be a stronger, kinder place if we could talk about these things openly and get the help we need”.

For more information on PhD Balance:

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